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Exploring the Aston Microphones signature with record producer Glenn Rosenstein

Category : Artists

When Producer, Engineer and Songwriter Glenn Rosenstein discovered there was such a thing as a ‘producer’ it didn’t take long before he invested in first four-track recorder and started recording local musicians in his basement.

Growing up in NYC during a particularly vibrant musical era, Glenn took a weekend receptionist job at Power Station Recording Studio, the first small step towards his eventually becoming an award-winning producer and engineer.

Now Glenn has worked with music’s biggest names including Madonna, U2, Tears For Fears, Ziggy Marley, James Brown, Miles Davis and the Ramones, and owns his own facilities, Skylight Studio Nashville & Skylight Studio Muscle Shoals. 

Even now he says he is still learning, about making records and the gear that can be used to do so. He told us that when discovered the Aston Spirit, it exceeded his expectations:

“I took the Spirit and have used it with horn sections. Crazy, right? But it has this signature that really brought out the things that I was really hearing with a minimum of equalisation. I found that the Aston Spirit has really worked well in many applications.”

We’re honoured to have you as part of the Aston Family, Glenn! 

Find out more about Glenn Rosenstein, his background and his work, in out exclusive interview here

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