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Congratulations King Crimson on 50 amazing years!

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Congratulations to our friends, legendary prog rockers King Crimson on their 50th anniversary!

The band’s first ever rehearsal took place on 13th January 1969 in a cramped basement in Fulham, London. Unbelievably the band, with founder members Greg Lake, Ian McDonald, Michael Giles and Robert Fripp, would be playing to half a million people in Hyde Park only months later.

The band’s debut album, Court of the Crimson King, charted worldwide and yet that particular line up would last less than a year…

Fast-forward to 2019 and Crimson have announced a three continent tour of fifty performances to celebrate their incredible milestone. The 2019 Celebration Tour will include dates at the Albert Hall in London and New York’s Radio City Music Hall.

Sound engineer and Aston 33 panel member Chris Porter has been using Aston Origin, Spirit and Starlight mics for the King Crimson’s recent live shows, while front man Jakko Jakszyk is another Aston aficionado:

“When my favourite vintage vocal microphone broke, someone suggestion the Aston Sirit as a temporary replacement...   I never got my vintage mic repaired.” He told us.

For details of King Crimson’s 2019 Celebration Tour and forthcoming music releases, visit their official site here:


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