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Chris Porter uses Starlights in studio and on tour

Category : Producers

Producer and Aston 33 member Chris Porter (David Bowie George Michael) has been using our new Aston Starlight mics with King Crimson in the studio -and now on their world tour! 

"King Crimson features an astonishing line-up of artists, including three superb drummers. I wanted to review the mic selection for the three drum kits and some months ago I put my name down for Starlights to do duty as overheads."



"The Starlights are the perfect mic for touring, they are as rugged as their Aston stablemates, the Origin and Spirit. They sound amazing and I'm extremely happy that in a "live world" where everyone uses the same old (and I mean old) microphones no-one has questioned my choice or the quality of the sound."

"The talking point from my three drummers is the laser sight . I've aimed them above and across the cymbals and aimed the little red dot dead centre of each snare and a quick glance at soundcheck allows me to be sure that nothing has shifted during the hours after the last show."

"Now I've got to get a pair for my home studio, I suspect they will sound awesome on piano and acoustic guitar. Aston have you got any left?"




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