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Atlantic Records' Tom Mullen on emo and Aston mics

Category : Producers

Producer, podcaster and Aston mics user Tom Mullen has won awards at Cannes and a ‘bunch of Clios’ for his work promoting artists like Bob Dylan and Jeff Buckley. His illustrious record company career has seen him working his magic for Sony, EMI and others before arriving at Atlantic Records in New York where he markets the label’s current artist roster and looks after the fledgling Atlantic Podcasts project he set up at the request of Atlantic head and A&R legend Craig Kallman.

On top of the ‘day job’ Tom finds time to run Washed Up Emo, the popular and long-running podcast and website he set up to document his favourite musical genre.

The first things visitors see when they visit Tom’s office are an Aston Origin mic and a Halo refection filter, which are used for interviews and live performances by visiting Atlantic artists:

“The sound of the Origin, especially with the Halo, has given a more professional feel.” Tom said.

He cares deeply about the audio quality of his work and edits his podcasts extensively, removing ‘um’s, ‘ah’s and ‘y’know’s in Garageband. “I think when someone does a two hour interview and just puts it up, that’s disrespectful to the listener.” He told us.

Welcome to the Aston family Tom!

Read our exclusive interview with Atlantic Records' Tom Mullen here:

And check out Tom’s Washed Up Emo podcast here:

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