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Using your Aston Starlight

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Starlight is a small diaphragm condenser microphone with a cardioid polar pattern. Its off-axis rejection is excellent, making it a popular choice for isolating sound sources in multi-instrument environments.

It is often used to record acoustic instruments, ambient sound and for drums, particularly in pairs as overheads.


The laser

The built-in laser can be used for pinpoint positioning, for example a particular area of a drum head. This also means the mic position can be recalled quickly and accurately, for example at different venues on a tour.


The voices

Starlight features three voices, allowing for change of sound without changing mics. These are Modern, Vintage and Hybrid (a combination of modern and vintage). Experiment to find the best sound for your application.


For loud sound sources use the pad switch to reduce the signal level.

Use the bass roll-off switch to remove any unwanted low frequencies.


For any further information please contact Aston support

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