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Using your Aston Origin

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Origin is a large-diaphragm condenser mic designed to deliver world-class results with ease.

A true all-rounder, it excels on vocals and acoustic instruments but can be used to record pretty much anything, with great results.

Like any condenser, Origin requires 48v phantom power (most good quality interfaces should have this feature).

Once you have connected Origin to your system and set your input to an appropriate level, experiment to find the perfect distance between your mic and the sound source. It is possible to overload (distort) pretty much any mic if you are too close or if the input is set too high. For vocals, try starting around 30cm away and adjust this distance depending on the vocalist’s style.

For extremely loud sound sources (drums etc.) use the pad switch to reduce the amount of signal reaching the capsule.

Use the bass roll-off switch to remove unwanted low frequencies. (You could also do this post-recording using the EQ in your DAW).

Origin features direct-to-stand mounting and built-in shock absorption which may be sufficient in some vibration-fee environments, however we recommend using a shock mount for total protection from unwanted noise.


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