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Aston Microphones Warranty information

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What warranty does my product have? 

To ensure that you get the maximum pleasure out of your purchase, our products come with a Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty of up to three (3) years. 


Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty Policy 

This Warranty Policy (“Policy”) is made and given by Music Tribe (“Company”) to the original end-user customer (“Customer”) and applies to new products that are purchased directly from an Authorized Distributor or Reseller. 

Subject to the terms, conditions and limitations set forth below, Company warrants to the Customer that the Product will be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use for a period of two (2) year from the date of purchase of the product by the Customer. 


Warranty Extension: 

Customers have the option to extend the warranty period to three (3) years by registering the product with Aston Microphones within ninety (90) days of purchase. The product registration process can be completed by clicking here.


Warranty Claims: 

To make a Warranty claim, the Customer should contact the Authorized Reseller from whom the product was purchased. To process the claim, the Customer must provide either the original proof of purchase or a digital copy. 

The Aston Microphones Authorized Distributor or Reseller, at its sole discretion, will repair or replace the defective product using new or reconditioned products or parts. Replace parts of the product or the entire product, in the event of a full replacement, will not be returned to the customer. 


Are there warranty exceptions? 

Apart from the improper use of the product, there are several exclusions to the Warranty that you need to be aware of and which are listed below. 


Exclusions and Limitations: 

This Warranty is void if the Product has been damaged as a result of accident, abuse, misapplication, or modification not authorized by Company. 

This Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear. 

This Warranty shall not apply if the factory-applied Serial Number has been altered or removed from the product. 

This Warranty does not apply to any damages or defects caused by natural disasters, including but not limited to fire, flood, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, and other similar event. 

This Warranty is not transferrable and is redeemable only by the original end-user purchaser. 

No other person (Distributor, Reseller etc.) shall be entitled to give any Warranty promise on behalf of Company. 

Aston Element holds a ten (10) Year Warranty. 


Consumables Warranty: 

All Consumables included with the Product come with a separate Warranty of ninety (90) days from the date of purchase. These items include, but are not limited to: 

ShockStar, Swift Pads, Mic Clips, Stereo Bar, WindShields, Hardware Mounting 



This Warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied, and constitutes the only Warranty made by Company. This Warranty supersedes all prior representations and agreements. Company will not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages, including but not limited to loss of use, loss of time, inconvenience, or any other commercial or economic loss. 


Governing Law: 

This Warranty shall be governed by the laws of the jurisdiction in which the product was purchased. If the country of purchase provides for a longer or shorter statutory Warranty period, such period shall apply. 


How can I contact you? 

In the event, that you need to contact us, our dedicated Customer Support team are ready to assist. 

Fill in the contact form here and a “real life” member of our team will support.

Please review our FAQ’sas your question may already be answered! 


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