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Ty Fy Studios' Tommy Bailey on DIsney, Aston mics and whiskey jugs...

Category : Producers

Tommy Bailey is a sound engineer and sound designer who has carved out his dream career, as part of the Ty Fy Studios team who bring to life some of the most ambitious live extravaganzas on the planet with Walt Disney Imagineering, Disney Hollywood Studios, Disney Cruise Line and other clients.

When mixing complex shows on location Tommy and the team have limited windows in which to work their sonic magic, often working through the night at the theme park sets after the public have vacated, or when the decks are clear on the cruise liners when they’re working at sea.

An early adopter of the brand, Tommy was the first to arrive at Ty Fy with an Aston mic, the Origin, and he and colleague Dan Scott now use Origins, Starlights and Spirits extensively.

“I carry an Origin everywhere I go; it's already shock mounted so all I have to do is throw it on a stand. I spend a lot of time on the ships and every time I go it’s for a month or so, so I need a mic I can trust.” Tommy told us.

A big fan of recording foley, Tommy uses a pair of Starlights to capture a wide range of sound sources including, on a recent pirate show, a whiskey jug!

Read our full interview with Tommy Bailey here:


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