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Splicing Block chooses Stealths, Spirits and Elements

Category : Producers

Thomas Griffin’s Aston-powered podcasts

So what do Frank Lampard, Karl Pilkington and Jodie Comer have in common? They’ve all been guests on the podcasts of Thomas Griffin and his production company, Splicing Block. And yes, you guessed it, Thomas uses Aston microphones to capture the wit, wisdom and verbal jousting of the stars who guest on the diverse range of shows he produces, some his own, others for his many clients. He uses Spirits, Stealths and Elements exclusively in his work.

His High Performance Podcast features Jake Humphries and Prof. Damian Hughes quizzing high-achievers on what it takes for a person to be their best. Football legends Gareth Southgate and Frank Lampard, and Formula 1 doyen Christian Horner have all recently featured. Thomas told us: “Aston Stealth is always my microphone of choice for these recordings.”

Meanwhile the award-winning Two Shot Podcast, hosted by Craig Parkinson, features creative types – actors, musicians, djs, artists and chefs – discussing their motivations and inspirations. Along with Karl and Jodie, recent guests include dj-turned-hot sauce magnate Elliot Eastwick, for whom Thomas gave his usual mics, the Spirits and Stealths, a day off, choosing instead a pair of Aston Elements to capture the conversation.

Splicing Block’s wide-reaching portfolio also delves into some of the more controversial corners of current affairs, with The Popular Front podcast examines modern warfare and under-reported conflicts, while Close-Up with Aurelia Magazine gives voice to those of marginalised genders.

For more on Thomas Griffin's work, visit https://splicingblock.com/



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