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Spiritualized with the Aston Spirit

Category : Artists

It’s good to see Spiritualized’s Jason Pierce photographed with an Aston Spirit condenser mic all primed ready for vocal action. Jason was photographed by Q Magazine in Iggy B’s Bella Union studio (part of London’s Strongroom complex), one of the venues used to complete the band’s latest, and longest, projects.

Jason, the creative driving force - and only constant – in the eighteen years of the Spiritualized project, describes his quest to finish the latest album ‘an obsession’. He told Q;

“Too many records by people my age sound like they’re by people pretending they’re 30. That’s not for me. If I’m going to make a record now, it has to be better than that.”

The album, And Nothing Hurt, was consequently six years in the making, recorded in ten different studios (if you include Jason’s East London flat), and included sessions with a host of musicians, many of which didn’t make it onto the final mixes.

Q describes the results, however, as “an unusually concise, nine song suite of overwhelming heartbreak and beauty” and music site Consequence Of Sound’s review concluded: “It stands tall as a late candidate for the year’s best rock record.”

If critical acclaim is anything to go by then it seems Jason Pierce’s quest for perfection eventually paid off with And Nothing Hurt. He goes on to explain the torturous creative torture he puts himself through and which predated the album’s 2018 release:

“I get fixated, it feels like madness. I’m always chasing things that are wrong with something…”

We know that feeling Jason. It’s how we develop our microphones. We’re stoked to see you using one of them and proud to welcome you to the Aston family!


For details of the new album and tour dates, visit the Spiritualized official website here:

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