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Spirits in the Crypt - Producer Anthony Leung and his Aston mics.

Category : Artists

Anthony Leung is one of the rising stars of the UK production scene, with artists like Jamie Cullum, James Bay, Bear’s Den and many others choosing to work with the London-based producer and sound engineer.

His workplace, Crypt Studios in Crouch End, is home to his enviable collection of vintage keyboards, guitars and drums, along with the two pairs of Aston Spirit LDC mics which he relies on for much of his work.

“I remember the first time I put the Spirits up on the grand piano at the Crypt, being really impressed by how ‘there’ the sound was - just really balanced, with a good amount of presence and weight.” Anthony told us.

A fan of the ‘Omni’ setting on the Spirit, he tells us he has used the mics on pretty much everything, from piano ambience, drums, strings and vocals, for example in Jamie Cullum’ fantastic ‘in the round’ performance of ‘Mankind’ in the gardens of Craxton Studios.

On his way to becoming sought-after producer in his own right, Anthony certainly learned from the best; he did a stint engineering for Aston 33 member Tony Platt (AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Bob Marley and many more).

It’s great to have Anthony join the Aston family!

Read our exclusive interview with Anthony here.



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