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Kathryn O'Shea performs stunning song 'Sunflower' with an Aston Spirit

Category : Artists

Aston artist Kathryn O'Shea shows off her incredible vocals on self-penned track 'Sunflower'. Here the beautiful guitar tone blended with Katryn's vocals - with just a single Aston Spirit condenser mic in attendance - gives a stunning effect. Kathryn's brother Michael O'Shea has just finished producing her new album and had this to say about working with Kathryn and the Aston Spirit:

“She's a killer vocalist and her vocals needed to sound gorgeous for this album to work, so the vocal signal chain was obviously incredibly important. The Spirit through a Universal Audio Solo 610 preamp just absolutely shined for this project and was exactly the vibe we wanted. There was almost no EQ applied in post and just some compression and reverb applied in the box. I'm getting compliment after compliment on this production and I feel like I'm cheating 'cause it's such a simple set-up, so thank you for making such an awesome mic.” 

"Sunflower," written and performed by Kathryn O'Shea From the January 9th recording session. Recorded, produced, mixed, mastered, and filmed by Michael O'Shea.


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