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Jamie Cullum has Aston Spirit surrounded

Category : Artists

Ever wondered why we put the ‘Omni’ setting on the Aston Spirit? Well here’s jazz legend Jamie Cullum with friends performing ‘Mankind’ at Craxton Studios and demonstrating just how effective the ‘all-round’ mode can be. All five vocals, plus double bass, are captured here by a single Spirit, selected and positioned centrally by producer Anthony Leung.

The Spirit’s three polar patterns, cardioid, figure-of-eight and omni, provide a huge range of possibilities for capturing all kinds of performance, from focussed and intimate through to spacious and atmospheric. When surrounded by sound sources and set to Omni, as with the five musicians in Jamie’s video, it delivers beautifully smooth 360° coverage.

Jamie Cullum recently released a new album ‘Taller’ which is available not only across the usual digital platforms but also on CD, vinyl and even, for those of a certain age, cassette!

He is also touring, with a full summer of European dates and a number of UK venues already confirmed for 2020. Details of Jamie's live performances can be found on the Jamie Cullum official website.

Aston mics user Anthony Leung is one of the rising stars of the production world. Having engineered for several top producers, including Aston 33 member Tony Platt, Anthony now works out of The Crypt studios in North London and has some high-profile credits of his own which include, alongside Jamie Cullum, mixing tracks on the new Madness album and running the acclaimed ‘Crypt Sessions’ video blog.

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