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Idles rock Glastonbury

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Aston artists Idles fulfilled a lifetime ambition by playing to a packed crowd at Glastonbury.

Fans at the festival’ Park stage were in a state of frenzy as the Bristol rock band unleashed a string of their high-decibel anthems from their two albums to date, Brutalism and Joy as an Act of Resistance, including ‘Danny Nedelko’, ‘Rottweiler’ and ‘Collossus’.

Clearly moved by the occasion, and the milestone, front man Joe Talbot told the crowd: “We’ve waited 12 years to play here, it’s the greatest place on Earth” and, of the greats who have played the stage in previous years: “They changed my life, and I hope in some way we can change yours,”

The performance, which included some committed crowd-surfing by guitarist and Aston friend Lee Kiernan, has received glowing reviews, with The Guardian calling it “a cathartic, unforgettable performance” and NME hailing a “thunderous set.”

Idles two go-to Front of House sound engineers, Chris Fullard, who is usually behind the desk at UK and European gigs, and Jeremy Snyder, who toured the USA with the band earlier this year, are both early adopters of Aston mics and use Starlights, Spirits and Origins to capture Idles’ drums and guitars.

Jeremy, who described some of the less-than-ideal sound systems he and Idles encountered during their USA foray, said of the band: “Even in a worst-case scenario, they sound great. They’re a very solid band.” While Chris recalls the first time he encountered Idles; "I thought this is a good band! A proper guitar band."

Idles continue to tour throughout 2019 with dates in Europe, UK and USA.


Check out the schedule on Idles official website.

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