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Dave Pemberton - Aston 33

Category : Producers

As a house engineer at Strongroom Studios for 16 years, Dave Pemberton knows his Neves from his SSLs, and he has worked with everyone from The Prodigy to the Minogue sisters. He's also an Aston 33 member and part of the sound development team for our new products.

Read everything about Dave, how he found his way to the music and what he would be doing if he wasn't working in this great industry. Find out what music he likes and what his fantasy mic would be...HERE

Dave Pemberton

"...the Spirit had more presence than the U47 and it certainly kept the warmth."

Dave used the Aston Spirit mic extensively recording the band Y.O.U.N.G on all kinds of things. It's been used on their debut album (title TBA) and on the singles Exposure and Lazy. 

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