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Classical engineer Damien Quintard adds Stealths to his Aston collection

Category : Producers

Producer, engineer and Aston artist Damien Quintard is pictured above with one of his Aston Stealth mics during one of his latest reference classical recordings. He used his growing collection of Aston mics to capture the orchestra, including his newest acquisition, a pair of Stealths.

“I have fourteen Aston mics now. They are surprisingly good on all the sections of the orchestra. I’m using the Stealths on the tuba and the trombone. I particularly like them on the brass section.” he told us.

Damien was among the first audio pros to take delivery of Aston’s newest creation. He requested the Stealths for one of the most challenging and unusual commissions of his distinguished career, as head of Sound Department for the epic Soviet film-come-art installation, Dau, staged across three Paris venues 24 hours a day non-stop for four weeks in early 2019.

“I needed some mics which would survive tough conditions. It was like working on a construction site. The two Stealths did really well.”

Dau revolves around the 700 hours of 35mm film shot by Russian director Ilya Khrzhanovsky, of a cast of hundreds who spent three years living in an exact recreation of 1950s Russia. The project was described by GQ magazine as ‘The most expansive, complicated, all-consuming film project ever attempted".

Damien’s brief included working with Brian Eno, who composed the music for the production, and a number of top artists including singer Arca, who performed with a new theramin-style instrument; a skin-activated dance pole.

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