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Carl Bown gets behind the desk with Heavy Music

Category : Producers

In the run-up to their 2019 awards, Heavy Music interviewed one of the latest producers to join the Aston family, Carl Bown.

Starting out in his garden shed, Carl eventually got himself noticed by recording demos for signed artists and putting everything into making them sound as good as the real thing. He has since risen from the shed to the Treehouse, his studio in Derbyshire built from the ground up, where he produces and mixes albums for such giants as Bullet For My Valentine, Trivium and While She Sleeps.

Carl touches on the pros and cons of running his own studio, from the time and money needed to build and run it, to the freedom of being able to choose his own gear and have it ready at all times.

Carl has Treehouse Studio kitted out with a full suite of Astons, using Stealth and Spirit on bass and Starlight on acoustic guitar.

Carl goes on to discuss the incredible technological advancements that have made it all possible, with Aston leading the charge!

“Aston make some insanely good, high quality mics that, say, 15 years ago just wouldn’t be possible or would have been thousands of pounds to own.”

Thanks Carl – we’re doing what we can!

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