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Both Sides of the Booth returns with all you need to know about recording strings

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In the third entry to our in-depth series, string virtuosos Rick Nelson, Brian Standefer and Bill Reynolds join host Jonas Wilson and engineer Brad Bell to share personal stories and recording techniques in a home studio environment. 

Brian kicks things off with an  Aston Spirit on his cello, comparing a gritty close-to-the-bow placement with a more distant room sound, before adding Stealth to the mix for even more low end.

Next, Rick utilises an Aston Origin placed a foot and a half above him to flatten his violin's natural high end and produce a warmer, cleaner sound.

Bill shows off his nifty hand miking technique for double bass, targetting his grappling hand with Aston Starlight in vintage mode for a resonant growl, while Spirit captures the long bass waves in figure of eight. Bill and Brad then whip out Stealth for some bluegrass.

Finally, Rick gathers the trio round an Origin and Spirit to recreate old school live mixing with a modern twist. 

Head over to our official YouTube channel to watch the full episode and subscribe for all new videos! 

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