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Aston mics survive IDLES attack

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Prolonged beating fails to break Aston’s Spirits

IDLES vs Aston mics 1Q Magazine Awards Best Breakthrough Act winners, and Aston favourites IDLES, are on the road in the midst of their world tour, and anyone who has seen one of their high-octane live shows will know the venues the band plays, and their equipment, can take a right hammering…

The 'band of the moment', according to LouderThanWar.com, tour with Aston Spirits, Origins and Starlights amongst their stage mics. Aston take pride in their mics being pretty much indestructible and IDLES seemed the perfect ensemble of fair-minded, balanced individuals to help put this claim to the test.

Aston challenged the band to give some Origins and Spirits the full treatment before going on stage at London’s O2 Forum recently, and even supplied a cricket bat with which to ‘test’ the microphones. The band kindly augmented the test apparatus with a couple of electric guitars (or ‘axes’ in this context) and, unsurprisingly, chaos ensued.

IDLES displayed some nifty stroke-play, including several fours and at least one six, and delivered some skilful and telling guitar-based blows to the defenceless condensers but appeared increasingly bemused as the mics, literally, kept bouncing back.

The uncomplaining mics - showing only minor cosmetic damage which the band managed to tape up - were gathered up, plugged-in and played their usual role in delivering IDLES raucous set to a sold-out Kentish Town crowd. The fate of the guitars, and the cricket bat, is unkown.


The band's latest album, Joy as an act of resistance, went straight into the album charts at no. 5, and is available from all leading outlets.

IDLES vs Aston mics 3For IDLES tour dates visit the band’s official website here:

Check out Aston’s range of seemingly unbreakable mics here:

Video by Ginger and Pickles Productions



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