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Aston amplifies Levine's jazz visionĀ 

Category : Artists

Grammy and Brit Award-winning producer Steve Levine has been using Aston to make ice-cool waves with Baltic Jazz Recordings, his latest musical venture.

Founded in 2022, specialising in Jazz, Soul, Neo-Soul, and Lo-Fi beats, the label is based out of the North West with a focus on musicians from the new and exciting Jazz scene emerging in the area.

Baltic has already seen a slew of releases since its inception, with many landing spots on the coveted A-List for Jazz FM. Recently partnering with EMI North for upcoming summer releases, the next phase of the label is set to be even more exciting. Levine's recent projects have been powered by his trusty Aston gear, with the Stealth microphone taking centre stage as his "new fav on bass cabs."

Steve has been experimenting with new techniques, noting that "the mix of Stealth with DI" has yielded superb results. When asked about any new tricks he’s picked up while recording, he emphasised the importance of phase coherence in audio, describing it as an "extra sonic friend." With more Baltic sessions in the pipeline, Levine's use of Aston continues to help shape his relaxed, sonically rich landscape.

Steve has previously spoken to us about all things recording and Aston! 

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