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Aston Mics at work with Vintage King and adidas

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USA Pro Audio outfitters and Aston microphone retailers Vintage King have been working with sportswear giants adidas on their music in education project, 'adidas Originals: Sound Lab', providing unique opportunities for young creators to develop their audio skills.

Three Sound Labs have been completed with the latest, in Los Angeles, built-in to a recycled shipping container in the grounds of Culver City’s Hamilton High School, and already being enjoyed by the next generation of budding artists, engineers and producers.

Vintage Kings’s Mark Smak commented: “People's lives are actually being CHANGED because of these projects. They are injecting creativity and imagination into all kinds of communities. It is truly inspiring and we are incredibly lucky to have a part in it.”

The facilities are extremely well equipped, with an onus on tools for intuitive music creation, and Aston microphones are proud to be a part of the Vintage King and Adidas specifications.

The mic in the main photo above is an Aston Spirit, a 1” diaphragm condenser mic which delivers highly accurate yet beautifully open sound, with sparkling highs and stunning detail. As musician and producer Troy Antunes (Anastacia, Justin Timberlake) says: “I’ve yet to come across a voice that the Spirit hasn’t made sound great.”

The Spirit is renowned for holding its own sonically against far more expensive ‘classic’ mics but at a fraction of the price. Producer John Cornfield (Robert Plant, Oasis, Muse) put this to the test: “We had a vintage AKG C12, a vintage valve Neumann 47 and 87 and the Spirit. We recorded takes of all of them and everyone unanimously decided on the Aston. Job done.”

This means students of the Adidas Sound Labs are using microphones which are both used by the professionals and affordable for those who, we hope, will go on to enjoy making their music beyond school and college life.

Read the Vintage King blog on adidas Originals: Sound Lab here

For more information on the Aston Spirit condenser microphone please click here


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