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Aston Element - The 3rd and final public test session

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Have your voice heard: https://www.astonmics.com/votingform.aspx

As we enter the 3rd month of public voting to help create the final sound of our new mic, we are teasing you with yet more information about our stunning new product. Rumours have been circulating about accessories and now we’re now able to give you a first look at the entire package.

Like all Aston mics, Element incorporates a huge amount of innovation. Everything from new capsule technology, the chassis design, the uber-cool magnetic pop filter and custom shock mount, and even the backlit-LED logo 48V phantom power indicator (or as we like to call it, ‘the cool light!’) go way beyond the limits of products in this class.

Over 4000 customers from across the world have helped us, so far, to define the sound of Element in peer-reviewed blind listening tests against the biggest brands in the business. During the course of this 3-month public testing series, we have developed the sound of the mic using data collected from these comparison tests, which have included major brand competitors such as Blue, Rode, AKG, Audio Technica and Neumann.

To take part in our 3rd and final round of public voting, register here: https://www.astonmics.com/votingform.aspx

Our CEO, James Young, comments “We chose to put Element up against the mics we consider to be the best in their class, so we could push the boundaries of performance. All these brands make superb products, but our goal was to make a mic that is able, in blind tests, to be consistently voted as the favourite. Of course, this doesn’t mean it’s the ‘best’ because mic choice is very subjective. However, what it does mean is that, in these public tests,  the majority of people prefer the sound they get from Element compared with big brand competitors… and that means that at the very least, you can be absolutely confident that you’ll get superb results every time.”

Have Your Voice Heard

Session 3, the final round of public voting for Element, is now open. We still need your help to perfect the sound of what we are dubbing ‘The world’s first People’s Microphone’. To get involved in blind listening tests and have your say in the final sound of our stunning new mic, all you need to do is register to vote at https://www.astonmics.com/votingform.aspx, download the audio files, listen and then rank them in order of preference.

As well as playing a vital part in helping us to create the Aston Element, registered voters will also be given Aston Family Developer status, receive a certificate of participation, stickers, badges and the opportunity to pre-order a limited edition Aston Family Developer mic bundled with shock mount and pop shield at a special introductory price.

Click here to see more on the Aston Element

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