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New! Harness the power of your vocals with Originator!

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We all know a great vocal take is a powerful thing, but what if you could capture not only the performance, but the actual energy itself?

So many of you have been asking for a means to turn the ever-popular Aston Origin condenser microphone into a vocal-fuelled source of additional power for the home or studio. How could we refuse the challenge? The culmination of many years of research and development, we are proud to introduce Originator.

A few watts short of firing-up that lightbulb? No longer a problem! Originator, with its proprietary Gyrodynamatic™ generative conversion system, captures the energy of your vocals, especially the long notes, and generates a choice of AC or DC current. This can then be sent to a variety of electrical devices, from hairdryers to air fryers, significantly reducing their running costs. In fact It has been estimated, by a person holding a clipboard, that the annual savings on your electricity bills could exceed $0.37 USD (based on an average 16 hours singing time per day).

Of course, there’s too much cutting-edge tech here to all fit into the mic itself, but our engineers have thought this through and developed an ingenious (if we say so ourselves!) retro-fit desk-mod, which is where most of the clever stuff happens.

To keep initial costs down, the new wonder is supplied in kit-form, with only basic soldering skills and a degree in engineering needed for quick, trouble-free installation.


It really couldn’t be simpler - firstly, take the specially modified Originator mic, with its patented Rusty Cog™ internal dynamo, and squeeze it into the ‘Zorrow’ breath-o-later mask (this can also be used separately as a fashion accessory).

Then take any good quality 48 channel analogue mixing console (not supplied), remove seventeen of the channel strips and you’re ready to get busy with the solder! Full instructions are, of course, included.

As artist and chief tester Gareth Moulscombe told us from his hospital bed: “Once we figured out how to stop the thing catching fire, everything just fell into place. I’m so proud to have been involved in this forward-thinking project, and they’ve told me I should make a full recovery.”

Despite a degree of (inexplicable) skepticism among audio retailers, we are confident in bringing Originator to market really soon and are already in advanced talks with a well-known chain of DIY stores and garden centres here in the UK. Watch this space!

Target price is $31,058.42 (MAP) plus shipping, with spare ‘Zorrow’ breath-o-laters available at $9.47 each.

Yet another world-first from everyone’s favourite mic brand!


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