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Using your Aston Swift, SwiftShield and Shield GN

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The Swift shock mount can be used for side-address mics from 40mm-60mm diameter. The quick release clips mean mounting your mic or changing mics takes seconds.

Should your Shockstar (the elastic centre piece) become damaged, replacements are available from authorised Aston resellers.

In the unlikely event of a mic slipping while held by your Swift, first try cleaning your mic with a cloth to remove any grease or oil. If this does not fix the issue try gently rubbing the clip holders with a light sandpaper or file to increase friction.


Switfshield/Shield GN

Switfshield’s pop filter is pre-set to an ideal position in front of the mic. It includes the Swift shock mount (see above.).

With Shield GN ensure the clip is firmly attached to your mic stand and position the shield a few cm away from your mic so its centre is between the mic capsule and the vocalist’s mouth.


For any further information please contact Aston support


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