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Cleaning your microphone

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Microphone hygiene has become a hot topic during the Covid era, but it’s always a good idea to keep your mics clean even as (hopefully) the infection risks reduce. And it’s especially important when a mic is regularly used by more than one person.


Using a pop filter will help stop moisture from a singer’s mouth reaching the mic (As well as reducing unwanted plosives from your vocal recordings). Aston’s Swiftshield and Shield GN have no electronics and so can easily be wiped clean, or even washed, after use.


But it is the mic chassis that gets handled most and this is also the type of surface area where germs can lurk. The Aston OriginSpirit, and Starlight chassis are made from near-indestructible 2mm solid stainless steel, so it is quite safe to wipe them with a cloth dampened with water and detergent, antiseptic wipes or diluted isopropyl alcohol (don’t use this ‘neat’ - it evaporates too quickly). In the case of Stealth and Element, antibacterial wipes are fine, but not alcohol or detergents, as these may affect the finish. Make sure whatever you use is not too liquid, so it won’t reach the electronics inside, and dry the mic thoroughly with a fresh cloth or kitchen towel before using it again. Keep ALL cleaning materials well away from the capsule. Don’t attempt to clean the mesh head of any microphone as this will result in capsule damage. Also don’t submerge the mic in any fluid – they’re not designed for use underwater!


If you think significant moisture may have entered your mic, perhaps during over-zealous cleansing, then leave it somewhere warm overnight to dry out before plugging in again.


With a little care your Aston mic should provide many years of world-class performance. In the unlikely event you encounter any issues feel free to contact us.



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