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The power of two. Introducing Origin and Spirit Stereo Pairs.

Category : Products

The world-beating Aston Origin and flagship Aston Spirit large diaphragm condenser mics are doubling-up in these new huge-value stereo sets.

Each set comes with your choice of cardioid Origins or multi-pattern Spirits, with a quality stereo mounting bar AND two SwiftShield shock mount/pop filter sets. With this degree of versatility – and sound quality – you can capture ANY sound source, in mono, or now in lush stereo. And of course, a pair of professional quality condensers in your locker opens-up a plethora of other possibilities, for example simultaneous recording of two sound sources (vocals/guitar, or two instrumentalists, etc.)

The stereo sets will be in stores early in 2024 and will be priced such that the two SwiftShield sets are effectively free of charge, meaning a whopping saving of nearly $200 (MAP) per stereo set.

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