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The TEC Award-winning Aston Stealth – what the industry says...

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It was third time lucky for Aston Microphones as the third NAMM nomination in the company’s short history culminated in the Stealth being crowned ‘Best Microphone’ in the prestigious TEC Awards. Summing up, NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) said:

“Aston Microphones has already proved that not only can a British team design some of the best microphones in the world, but they can build them in the UK and make them affordable for everyone too.”

Rising above all the products from the huge global brands to pick up the TEC Award was the latest and greatest accolade for the mic from the only British manufacturer nominated in the industry’s most important awards.

It follows acclaim from all quarters during Stealth’s first year on the market, with the world’s audio press unanimous in hailing the mic that can pretty much do everything and do it to an incredibly high professional standard. Here’s what some of the most respected publications have said:


Tape Op – “If I was stuck on a desert island with one microphone, this might be it.”

Sound On Sound – “An innovative and imaginative company with another unexpected 'industry first'.”

Recording Magazine – “Is there anything I do not like about Stealth? With this much sonic flexibility, no.”

Audio Media International - “Aston are claiming that this is the world’s most versatile microphone - To be fair, they do have a point.”

MusicTech – “Stealth is a fantastic mic.” (10/10 and Gear of the Year Award)

ProSound News - “It sounds great, offers groundbreaking features and can handle almost any assignment under the sun.”

Gearslutz - “If someone doesn't make hit record with the Stealth, I will eat the box.” 5/5 Gearlslutz Award

Resolution - “As a £299 alternative to the SM7B, it would be more than up to the task with just a single voicing. The other three are bonuses.”


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News of the new wonder-mic reached outside pro audio circles too, with the gaming fraternity particularly enthusiastic about an upgrade from USB microphones fit for the Twitch era. Stealth is fast becoming the mic of choice for those who take their streaming seriously, and the world’s gaming media added their seals of approval. Here’s a taste:

Gamespace - “The most versatile and impressive microphone we’ve ever laid hands on.”

MMORPG“The Aston Stealth is a meticulously crafted masterpiece of a microphone.”

DualShockers“Wipes the floor with the competition.”

EposVox“This would probably replace my main microphone, the RE320.”


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But what about those in the front line? We love hearing from those who are actually relying on Aston mics to deliver their work. Just like Origin, Spirit and Starlight before it, Stealth is making many top professionals reconsider their go-to collections.

Writer, producer and musician Seton Daunt (Gabrielle Aplin, Kylie Minogue, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Natalie Imruglia) uses his for pretty much everything: “The Stealth mic is a brilliant evolution of our most trusted dynamic microphones. It shines on all vocals and guitars effortlessly and is my new go to mic for recording any sound source quickly and confidently”

Multi-instrumentalist and singer Jayce Lewis (Brian May, Gary Numan, Roger Taylor) also digs the versatility on offer: ''The Aston Stealth for me is like the 'Greatest Hits' of microphones all in one capsule, I use it a huge amount on drums and aggressive vocals! Yet another fine creation from the Aston Family.”

Drummer and engineer Jeramie Kling (The Absence, SEPULTURA, Venom) loves his Stealth for capturing six-stringed antics: “I am floored with how this Stealth sounds on a guitar cabinet... First time being able to have a studio moment with it and its incredibly articulate!!! It made guitar chasing even easier. Hats off friends, you have crafted an amazing piece of gear.”

Renowned classical producer and engineer Damien Quintard has an extensive collection of Aston mics he uses in his work in some of the world’s grandest auditoriums. Stealths now form an important part of his armoury. He simply told us: “Stealth is a beast.”


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Canadian indie sensations Walk off the Earth perform Howling at Nothing (Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats Cover) with Aston Stealth and Spirit on two lead vocals.





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