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PsychoYP on his favourite Aston Spirit - it's a rap...

Category : Artists

Nigerian rapper, singer and songwriter PsychoYP appeared recently on The Recording Academy’s #ItGoesTo11 video series, and it seems he’s become close friends with his Aston Spirit!

The series invites top artists to highlight their favourite piece of gear, YP reveals he would never get rid of his go-to mic, which he bought when he lost all his recording gear in an 'equipment explosion'!

“When I saw the design of this mic I was just drawn to it – it looks kind of weird.

“This mic picks up a lot of stuff that other microphones don’t pick up. It just captures my voice perfectly when I’m recording. It lets me express myself a bit more, open my mind a bit more. When I record at home with this mic, engineers prefer to mix from that.”

Thanks for the shout-out YP! 


Check out PsychoYP’s YouTube channel here.


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