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Planeta Analógico Launches “Mix n Win” Contest

Category : Brand

Aston SpiritPlaneta Analógico has joined forces with two great British names, Aston and Audient, to help organise one of the biggest mixing contests Argentina has ever seen. 

The competition commencing on the 17th August and ending on the submission date of the 28th August will involve the participation of thousands of talented engineers, musicians and pro audio enthusiasts eager to show off their musical skills with the provided tracks. The band Focosonoro has kindly decided to let all participants work with the raw tracks of their song “Cámara Lenta," so the contestants can have some fun during the COVID-19 lockdown period. Although only participants residing exclusively in Argentina are eligible for the prizes, if you live anywhere else in the world and want to participate you can still register and submit your mix. 

All mixes will be evaluated by a jury comprising three of the most influential talents in Argentina’s music industry:

Cachorro Lopez (the renowned music producer responsible for hit songs such as “Color Esperanza” by Diego Torres, several tracks by Mexican artist Julieta Venegas and many popular Hollywood soundtracks), Oscar Mediavilla (of the hit TV shows ‘Latin American Idol’, ‘Operación Triunfo’ and ‘Soñando por Cantar’) and Mastering Engineer Daniel Osorio (owner of “El Angel Mastering”, one of the most famous Mastering studios in Argentina).

The contest will have two categories: The Artistic Mix for those musicians wanting to re-arrange the song, record additional tracks, and submit their own vision of the song. The second category is the Technical Mix, for those participants wanting to show us they can produce the best mix of the song. The contest is aimed at creative-fun and connecting musicians and sound engineers in the same event. Each category winner will either get an Aston Spirit or an Audient Sono perfect for budding musicians and aspiring engineers.

If you are interested in participating in this event, please click here,


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