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Introducing Aston Apex

Category : Products

An adrenaline shot for live vocals

In 2016 Aston shook up a stagnant studio mic market with a range of game-changers which have already become modern classics. Now we’re launching our first stage mic, with the same goals in mind; real change, real innovation, and awesome sound. Aston Apex rises above the current crop of dynamic clones, by offering the power and flexibility our live engineer community have been asking for.

Firstly, there’s a choice of two voices, derived from the TEC Award-winning Aston Stealth. These are discrete signal paths, with no EQ presets or modelling in sight. You get a choice of two world-class mics without having to swap them out.

Secondly Apex operates in passive or active modes;  a built-in Class A preamp engages automatically when 48v phantom power is present, providing 20dB of super-clean boost to ensure live vocals cut through the mix live, just as they do on the studio recordings. An aerodynamically tuned head further enhances on-axis focus..

Apex is set to redefine how a handheld can, and should, perform. Once they’ve tried it, vocalists won’t want to let this mic go.

  • Dual Voice, Active/Dynamic handheld microphone
  • Fully balanced & floating discrete class A preamp for 20db ultra-clean gain boost
  • Dual-voice tech from the award-winning Aston Stealth
  • Phantom power auto-detect
  • Tamper Proof Voice Switching (TPVS)
  • Ultra-quiet preamp with a noise figure of only 3.8 dBA
  • Acoustically streamlined design for a focused,
    mix-ready vocal
  • Available in 3 finishes, ‘Storm’, ‘Void’ and ‘Glass’

View Apex Glass

View Apex Void

View Apex Storm

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