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Guitarist Gerry Leonard talks David Bowie, Suzanne Vega and Aston mics

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Musician and producer Gerry Leonard played in bands during the punk era in his home town of Dublin, before moving to New York to find work as a guitar player. His career really got going when, on the recommendation of a friend, a certain David Bowie came to check him out at the fifty-capacity coffeehouse where Gerry was playing a solo show. He became he guitar player on Bowe’s albums, from ‘Heathen’ through to ‘The Next Day’, and was also MD on the ‘Reality’ tour. The in-demand musician’s credits now also include Suzanne Vega, Rufus Wainwright, Laurie Anderson, Roger Waters and many others.

Gerry also offers his considerable talents as a guitarist and a producer to up-and-coming artists, with his own recording facility in upstate New York. Live and in the studio he uses two amps - from his extensive collection - in stereo, with Aston mics tasked with capturing his sound. Gerry has a Spirit LCD, a matched stereo pair of Starlight SDCs and the ground-breaking Aston Stealth 4-voice, active/passive, dynamic microphone.

“I used the Stealth and the Spirit on either side of a two-amp set-up recently and that was a really satisfying combination!” Gerry told us.

Gerry is currently touring and recording with Suzanne Vega and is also on the ‘Bowie Celebration’ tour where the artist’s ex-band members perform his music with guest vocalists.


Read our full interview with Gerry Leonard here:


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