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Emmys, Baftas and Aston mics - the multi-talented Guus Hoevenaars

Category : Producers

Two-time Emmy winning and Bafta nominated producer, mixer and engineer Guus Hoevenaars has collaborated with some of the world’s most iconic artists across a broad variety of musical styles.

To list just a few of his credits, Guus has mixed for Scissor Sisters, The Feeling and The Pierces, produced Manfred Mann, Asia and many others, he has engineered FOH for Miss Saigon and the Dutch Opera and has produced music for the world’s leading broadcasters and advertising agencies.

He has also designed rooms for Soho Square Studios in London and Soapbox in Atlanta. As if that were not enough, Guus also finds time share his formidable experience by lecturing at the Australian College of the Arts.

His career has seen him live and ply his craft in the UK and USA before his recent relocation to Melbourne, where he is currently setting up a writing and production room at Newmarket Studios:

“I am very excited about this and it's gonna be based around a house band.” Guus told us.

Although he owns and has access to many expensive vintage and classic microphones Guus chooses to use Aston mics, in particular Origins and Starlights, on much of his work.

“I used to think that only expensive gear is used to make great sounding records. Aston is changing that and I think it’s a first that a well-priced microphone can stand up there with those historic heroes.”

He uses the Starlights for acoustic guitars and also recently employed a stereo pair to capture an 80 piece choir, performing with an orchestra. The resulting sound, he says, brought tears to his eyes: "I wasn’t expecting it to sound that good and I think I wept a little.”

For vocals he tends towards the Origin which, thanks to its unique capsule-chassis isolation design, Gus often uses handheld - a condenser mic used as a ‘hand-held SM58 replacement’:

“Singers love it – it sounds amazing. I use no fixed position, just a long lead and some headphones and it's all usable. Aston, Weep like you Mean it.”

Thanks for the support Guus, and a warm welcome to the Aston family!


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