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NEW! Aston Portal - the mic that will change the future - and the past.

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Transcend into the future of recording with Portal. Aston Mics’ latest creation will take your sound to previously unheard places. Our new OmniDimensional™️ microphone is the ultimate (only) tool for capturing soundscapes you’ve never even imagined, until now.

Developed using cutting-shed science and precision engineer-ish, our OmniDimensional™️ mic is the result of hours of research and development. Our team of experts worked tiredly to create a tool that would push the boundaries of what's possible in both audio recording and known physics. The result is a microphone that's not only advanced in its capabilities but also not easy to use or built to last.

You'll be able to capture details of your audio in ways you never thought possible with our revolutionary, unparalleled multi-dimensional directionality and anti-time warping tech. Portal utilises quantum entanglement principles to maintain absolute phase coherence across all dimensions, neutralising temporal anomalies and preserving the true essence of sound, ensuring that even the most elusive soundscapes are captured with astonishing precision.

With the Aston Portal OmniDimensional™️ microphone, get ready to explore a whole new world of audio recording, and experience a difference you didn't know existed.

  • Record songs before you’ve even written them
  • Release tracks in multiple eras, simultaneously, with QuantumSongDropBS
  • Choose from infinite parallel takes


Please note: Portal does not exist until you open the box it arrives in. Or does it?





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